On The Issues
State Representative Mary Hodge Colorado House District 30
Water is a continuing battle at the statehouse and elsewhere in the state. 85% of the water is owned by agricultural interests and most of it originates on the western slope. The bulk of the population is along the front range. We must bring everyone to the table and do some win-win solutions such as storage for the western slope in wet years, enlarging existing storage, encouraging local cooperative efforts. Health care costs must be lowered. Allowing bulk buying of prescription drugs, allowing re-importation of drugs from Canada would help prescription prices. Encouraging preventative care instead of emergency care would take a burden off our hospitals.
Education, both K-12 and higher, is a must. It is the only way we will keep our nation free. Our current challenges are adequate funding, class room sizes, keeping qualified good teachers, and drop out rates. We must make education a priority.
Jobs: Colorado must create an environment that encourages employers to want to move here with good jobs. That means we must have a highly educated, well trained work force. We must maintain the beauty that attracts people to come here. We must maintain a taxing system that is enticing to business.